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Boutique Gallery

Beautiful homes need beautiful pillows. At Studio 773, we believe that great design can come in the smallest of packages. Crafted in our Chicago studio,  Boutique  decorative pillows showcase fashion-forward  artistry  using  hand-selected textiles from the world's top weavers.

Decorative Pillows

Lilla Polkadot Decorative Pillow in White
Lilla Polkadot Dec...
BTQ-003 22X22
Retail : $156
Justina Fringe Decorative Pillow in Ivory
Justina Fringe Dec...
BTQ-004 22X22
Retail : $336
Elsie Slipper Decorative Pillow
Elsie Slipper Deco...
BTQ-034 22X22
Retail : $216
Plush Velvet Decorative Pillow in Sea Salt
Plush Velvet Decor...
BTQ-001 22X22
Retail : $156
Lannister Buckle Decorative Pillow in Amber
Lannister Buckle D...
BTQ-012 22X22
Retail : $456
Lannister Horseshoe Decorative Pillow in Amber
Lannister Horsesho...
BTQ-013 22X22
Retail : $456
Wiley Animal Print Decorative Pillow in Fawn
Wiley Animal Print...
BTQ-007 22X22
Retail : $207
Ocelot Decorative ...
BTQ-098 22X22
Retail : $177
Della Embroidered Decorative Pillow in Natural
Della Embroidered ...
BTQ-010 22X22
Retail : $216
Veda Embroidered Decorative Pillow in Neutral
Veda Embroidered D...
BTQ-002 22X22
Retail : $264
Clara Velvet Decorative Pillow in Champagne
Clara Velvet Decor...
BTQ-006 22X22
Retail : $246
Lightcap Medallion Decorative Pillow in Oatmeal
Lightcap Medallion...
BTQ-008 22X22
Retail : $291
Fortune Blush Decorative Pillow
Fortune Blush Deco...
BTQ-031 22X22
Retail : $327
Jockey Equestrian Decorative Pillow in Khaki
Jockey Equestrian ...
BTQ-015 22X22
Retail : $156
Sina Woven Decorative Pillow in Sienna
Sina Woven Decorat...
BTQ-014 22X22
Retail : $174
Dodie Embroidered Decorative Pillow in Pebble
Dodie Embroidered ...
BTQ-018 22X22
Retail : $288
Clarion Silver Decorative Pillow
Clarion Silver Dec...
BTQ-020 22X22
Retail : $288
Ora Blush Decorative Pillow
Ora Blush Decorati...
BTQ-032 22X22
Retail : $288
Yearling Pleated Decorative Pillow in Flax
Yearling Pleated D...
BTQ-005 22X22
Retail : $192
Uma Velvet Decorative Pillow in Khaki
Uma Velvet Decorat...
BTQ-079 22X22
Retail : $156
Reflection Metallic Decorative Pillow in Champagne
Reflection Metalli...
BTQ-009 22X22
Retail : $129
Altair Faux Bois Decorative Pillow in Blush
Altair Faux Bois D...
BTQ-092 22X22
Retail : $327
Wiley Ombre Decorative Pillow in Gray
Wiley Ombre Decora...
BTQ-087 22X22
Retail : $207
Gideon Embroidered Decorative Pillow
Gideon Embroidered...
BTQ-016 22X22
Retail : $228
Plush Dove Decorative Pillow
Plush Dove Decorat...
BTQ-019 22X22
Retail : $156
Jett Blue Decorative Pillow
Jett Blue Decorati...
BTQ-044 22X22
Retail : $246
Ada Ocean Decorative Pillow
Ada Ocean Decorati...
BTQ-051 22X22
Retail : $306
Veda Chambray Decorative Pillow
Veda Chambray Deco...
BTQ-046 22X22
Retail : $264
Tilly Spa Decorative Pillow
Tilly Spa Decorati...
BTQ-052 22X22
Retail : $291
Uma Velvet Decorative Pillow in Gray
Uma Velvet Decorat...
BTQ-078 22X22
Retail : $156
Vincent Textured Decorative Pillow in Heather
Vincent Textured D...
BTQ-017 22X22
Retail : $192
Downing Textured Decorative Pillow
Downing Textured D...
BTQ-081 22X22
Retail : $165
Wiley Ombre Decorative Pillow in Aqua
Wiley Ombre Decora...
BTQ-086 22X22
Retail : $207
Leonis Metallic Decorative Pillow in Gold
Leonis Metallic De...
BTQ-067 22X22
Retail : $171
Winchester Dove Decorative Pillow
Winchester Dove De...
BTQ-021 22X22
Retail : $144
Stamp Stone Decorative Pillow
Stamp Stone Decora...
BTQ-022 22X22
Retail : $231
Tafoya Diamond Decorative Pillow
Tafoya Diamond Dec...
BTQ-062 22X22
Retail : $207
Etude Zig Zag Decorative Pillow in Mustard
Etude Zig Zag Deco...
BTQ-093 22X22
Retail : $252
Sessile Metallic Decorative Pillow in Copper
Sessile Metallic D...
BTQ-094 22X22
Retail : $162
Cerris Metallic Decorative Pillow in Gold
Cerris Metallic De...
BTQ-082 22X22
Retail : $162
Querkus Cork Decorative Pillow in Tan
Querkus Cork Decor...
BTQ-083 22X22
Retail : $147
Ocelot Decorative ...
BTQ-101 22X22
Retail : $177
Claude Spring Decorative Pillow
Claude Spring Deco...
BTQ-057 22X22
Retail : $174
Stockton Citron Decorative Pillow
Stockton Citron De...
BTQ-061 22X22
Retail : $309
Elgin Olive Decorative Pillow
Elgin Olive Decora...
BTQ-058 22X22
Retail : $165
Plush Citrine Decorative Pillow
Plush Citrine Deco...
BTQ-059 22X22
Retail : $156
Octave Graphic Decorative Pillow in Mustard
Octave Graphic Dec...
BTQ-089 22X22
Retail : $255
Ilex Cork Decorative Pillow in Green
Ilex Cork Decorati...
BTQ-084 22X22
Retail : $180
Izzy Striped Decorative Pillow in Teal
Izzy Striped Decor...
BTQ-091 22X22
Retail : $216
Wiley Ombre Decorative Pillow in Navy
Wiley Ombre Decora...
BTQ-088 22X22
Retail : $207
Capella Abstract Decorative Pillow in Teal
Capella Abstract D...
BTQ-096 22X22
Retail : $180
Ocelot Decorative ...
BTQ-100 22X22
Retail : $177
Glory Watercolor Decorative Pillow in Spa
Glory Watercolor D...
BTQ-095 22X22
Retail : $180
Blick Denim Decorative Pillow
Blick Denim Decora...
BTQ-042 22X22
Retail : $132
Beulah Aqua Decorative Pillow
Beulah Aqua Decora...
BTQ-050 22X22
Retail : $312
Natasha Watercolor Decorative Pillow
Natasha Watercolor...
BTQ-065 22X22
Retail : $228
Ocelot Decorative ...
BTQ-099 22X22
Retail : $177
Dunaway Metallic Decorative Pillow in Umber
Dunaway Metallic D...
BTQ-011 22X22
Retail : $132
Ollie Sunshine Decorative Pillow
Ollie Sunshine Dec...
BTQ-060 22X22
Retail : $240
Uma Velvet Decorative Pillow in Gold
Uma Velvet Decorat...
BTQ-074 22X22
Retail : $156
Sassy Broken Chevron Decorative Pillow
Sassy Broken Chevr...
BTQ-069 22X22
Retail : $294
Delilah Kilim Decorative Pillow
Delilah Kilim Deco...
BTQ-070 22X22
Retail : $372
Uma Velvet Decorative Pillow in Teal
Uma Velvet Decorat...
BTQ-071 22X22
Retail : $156
Uma Velvet Decorative Pillow in Olive
Uma Velvet Decorat...
BTQ-073 22X22
Retail : $156
Ocelot Decorative ...
BTQ-097 22X22
Retail : $177
Salina Ikat Decorative Pillow in Green
Salina Ikat Decora...
BTQ-090 22X22
Retail : $336
Phylum Chenille Decorative Pillow in Green
Phylum Chenille De...
BTQ-080 22X22
Retail : $216
Vincent Forest Decorative Pillow
Vincent Forest Dec...
BTQ-055 22X22
Retail : $192
Plush Ocean Decorative Pillow
Plush Ocean Decora...
BTQ-053 22X22
Retail : $156
Uma Velvet Decorative Pillow in Brown
Uma Velvet Decorat...
BTQ-075 22X22
Retail : $156
Plush Denim Decorative Pillow
Plush Denim Decora...
BTQ-045 22X22
Retail : $156
Ombre Peacock Decorative Pillow
Ombre Peacock Deco...
BTQ-054 22X22
Retail : $345
Gosia Ocean Decorative Pillow
Gosia Ocean Decora...
BTQ-048 22X22
Retail : $168
Plush Navy Decorative Pillow
Plush Navy Decorat...
BTQ-047 22X22
Retail : $156
Harlow Damask Decorative Pillow
Harlow Damask deco...
BTQ-063 22X22
Retail : $420
Willa Slipper Decorative Pillow
Willa Slipper Deco...
BTQ-033 22X22
Retail : $237
Uma Velvet Decorative Pillow in Pink
Uma Velvet Decorat...
BTQ-077 22X22
Retail : $156
Vincent Raspberry Decorative Pillow
Vincent Raspberry ...
BTQ-035 22X22
Retail : $192
Flossie Rainbow Decorative Pillow
Flossie Rainbow De...
BTQ-036 22X22
Retail : $228
Zita Picnic Decorative Pillow
Zita Picnic Decora...
BTQ-038 22X22
Retail : $207
Plush Raspberry Decorative Pillow
Plush Raspberry De...
BTQ-039 22X22
Retail : $156
Nardo Crimson Decorative Pillow
Nardo Crimson Deco...
BTQ-040 22X22
Retail : $378
Stamp Ruby Decorative Pillow
Stamp Ruby Decorat...
BTQ-041 22X22
Retail : $231
Uma Velvet Decorative Pillow in Rust
Uma Velvet Decorat...
BTQ-072 22X22
Retail : $156
Vincent Lilac Decorative Pillow
Vincent Lilac Deco...
BTQ-037 22X22
Retail : $192
Leopold Black Decorative Pillow
Leopold Black Deco...
BTQ-030 22X22
Retail : $372
Andreas Slate Decorative Pillow
Andreas Slate Deco...
BTQ-043 22X22
Retail : $192
Elgin Slate Decorative Pillow
Elgin Slate Decora...
BTQ-023 22X22
Retail : $165
Helga Noir Decorative Pillow
Helga Noir Decorat...
BTQ-026 22X22
Retail : $156
Uma Velvet Decorative Pillow in Charcoal
Uma Velvet Decorat...
BTQ-076 22X22
Retail : $156
Brock Velvet Decorative Pillow in Indigo
Brock Velvet Decor...
BTQ-068 22X22
Retail : $147
Hydrus Graphic Decorative Pillow
Hydrus Graphic Dec...
BTQ-066 22X22
Retail : $216
Effie Gold Decorative Pillow
Effie Gold Decorat...
BTQ-024 22X22
Retail : $201
Lynx Animal Print Decorative Pillow in Onyx
Lynx Animal Print ...
BTQ-064 22X22
Retail : $144
Pebble Onyx Decorative Pillow Black
Pebble Onyx Decora...
BTQ-027 22X22
Retail : $171
Elton Onyx Decorative Pillow
Elton Onyx Decorat...
BTQ-025 22X22
Retail : $177
Vincent Carbon Decorative Pillow
Vincent Carbon Dec...
BTQ-029 22X22
Retail : $192
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