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  • Essex White

    Essex White

    Code: FB1-922
    Size: 54"
    Retail : $36
    Binder Collections: Avery, Brayden, Brentwood, Bridgehampton, Chatham, Cisero, Fairfield, Filmore, Gigi, Laurel, Linden, Lodi, Marvel Sapphire, Marvel Tangerine, Namale, Nico, Persea, Sconset Lemon, Sconset Salmon, Spectator, Summerhouse, Wainscott Citron, Wellfleet, Zac
    Online Collections: Cameron, Elysia, Esmeralda, Finn, Frances, Ian, Iquitos, Marino, Matira, Mojave, Queenie, Rhoda, Suffolk, Taia, Whitehaven, Yates, Zoey
    Vertical Repeat : 0 in
    Horizontal Repeat : 0 in
    Content : 100% Cotton
    Product Care : WAS
    Direction : Nondirectional
    Rub Result : Heavy
    Flame Resistance : Not Resistant
    Fabric Substitutions and Consistency: On the rare occasion that original fabric or trimming is no longer available, we may substitute similar material. You will find the most up-to-date product information here on our website. Please note that due to the nature of many textiles, fabrics may have slight variation in texture and color.
    32" x 21"
    54" x 36"
    Close Up

    Sample Swatches

    12x12 Swatch

    3x2.5 Swatch

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