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    Meet You At The Lodge

    Traverse the freshly fallen powder with the playful pillows of Mountain Lodge. Reminiscent of a day on the slopes, Meet You at the Lodge will transform your home into the perfect snow-covered retreat.

    Pillow features:
    • Block printed on burlap
    • Appliqué on face
    • Burlap backed & fully lined
    • Zipper closure for easy care
    • Spot cleaning recommended
    • Pillow insert of your choice included (choose below)
    • Burlap is a coarse woven natural fabric, and as with all products made from natural materials, the imperfections and inconsistencies are normal and a distinct characteristic of burlap.
    • Dyed burlap is not colorfast like regular fabrics and may eventually fade and return to its original natural color, especially if exposed to the sun.
    • Due to the handcrafted nature of this item, slight imperfections and inconsistencies may occur in block printed products.
    Important Care Instructions: To remove dust, carefully vacuum or lightly brush. Spot clean only; do not wet paint as it may bleed. Professional cleaning recommended.
    Code: ATE-456
    Size: 18X18
    Retail : $103
    Order Swatches:
    Front Fabric 1
    Rustique Birch
    Rustique Birch
    Front Fabric 2
    Wonka Olive
    Front Fabric 3
    Hoffman Walnut
    Hoffman Walnut
    Front Fabric 4
    Tulane Indigo Rr
    Tulane Indigo Rr
    Front Fabric 5
    Dorian Brick
    Dorian Brick
    Back Fabric
    Rustique Birch
    Rustique Birch

    Choose Inserts*:

       Cloud Faux Down
    Hypoallergenic ultra-fine fiber fill that mimics the feel of down
       Plume Feather
    Lofty 100% small feather fill for flawless karate-chop look
       Bliss Blend
    Perfect mix of 50% small feather and 50% pure ultra-fine fiber fill for a great look and feel

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