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    Lustrous Vionnet proves that glamour doesn’t have to be complicated. From the subtle sheen of its duvet cover to the flapper-dress sparkle of its decorative pillow, this silver-tinged collection is both dazzling and dignified. Accessorized with its tufted Reflection Frost ottoman and artfully beaded shams, Vionnet is the belle of the ball.

    Luxury Bedding

    Vionnet Bedset
    Retail: $1,470 - $3,000
    Vionnet Platinum Duvet Cover
    Duvet Cover & Comforter
    Retail: $645 - $1,500
    Lucent Silver Bed Skirt
    Bed Skirt
    Retail: $315 - $405

    Bed Pillows

    Gaia Sterling Euro Sham
    Euro Sham
    EUS-409 27X27
    Retail: $240
    Lucent Silver King Sham
    King Sham
    KSH-409 21X37
    Retail: $255
    Lucent Silver Standard Sham
    Standard Sham
    STN-409 20X27
    Retail: $210
    Crystal Platinum Bolster
    BOL-409 15X26
    Retail: $330

    Decorative Pillows

    Vionnet Platinum WITH beaded trim
    VON-01 27X27
    Retail: $447
    Crystal Platinum knife edge
    VON-02 20X20
    Retail: $279
    Gaia Sterling mitered
    VON-03 24X24
    Retail: $297
    Lucent Silver WITH nailheads
    VON-04 20X20
    Retail: $231
    Gaia Sterling WITH cord
    VON-05 22X22
    Retail: $201
    Lucent Silver WITH pleats
    VON-06 20X20
    Retail: $237
    Klein Sterling diamond inserts
    VON-07 20X20
    Retail: $147
    Lucent Silver insert
    VON-08 9"DX24
    Retail: $345
    Klein Sterling basketweave
    VON-09 18X18
    Retail: $159
    Crystal Platinum insert
    VON-10 13X22
    Retail: $192
    Vionnet Platinum WITH mini welt
    VON-11 22X22
    Retail: $132
    Gaia Sterling WITH beaded trim
    VON-12 15X26
    Retail: $210


    Vionnet Platinum Curtain Panel
    Retail: $468 - $948

    Ottoman & Footstool

    Reflection Frost Tufted Ottoman
    OTD-20 21"DX20"H
    Retail: $906
    Gaia Sterling Storage Boxed Ottoman
    OTD-409 19.5"LX19.5"WX20"H
    Retail: $831

    Bed Scarves

    Gaia Sterling Bed Scarf
    Retail: $330 - $510


    Beaded Trim Watermill
    PBE053 1"
    Retail: $129
    Lace Eloise
    PCD258 1/8"
    Retail: $15
    Cord Watermill
    PCD271 3/8"
    Retail: $24
    NHF-BN 7/16"
    Retail: $3


    Vionnet Platinum
    Vionnet Platinum
    FB2-257 118"
    Retail: $207
    Klein Sterling
    Klein Sterling
    FB2-258 54"
    Retail: $66
    Gaia Sterling
    Gaia Sterling
    FB2-259 55"
    Retail: $219
    Lucent Silver
    Lucent Silver
    FB2-260 54"
    Retail: $96
    Crystal Platinum
    Crystal Platinum
    FB2-261 44"
    Retail: $696

    Sample Swatches

    Vionnet Platinum swatch mini
    J-FB2-257 3x2.5
    Retail: $2
    Klein Sterling swatch mini
    J-FB2-258 3x2.5
    Retail: $2
    Gaia Sterling swatch mini
    J-FB2-259 3x2.5
    Retail: $2
    Lucent Silver swatch mini
    J-FB2-260 3x2.5
    Retail: $2
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