Baldwin White


Included in:  Acantha,  Amara,  Aoki,  Azores,  Azul,  Banks,  Beru,  Bimini,  Blake,  Box Spring Covers,  Brahea,  Briana,  Castaway,  Clementine,  Decorative Pillows,  Dexter,  Dia,  Edith,  Elliott,  Elya,  Gondry,  Gwen,  Holiday Classic,  Inez,  Inigo,  Jardine,  Leighton,  Magnolia,  Malia,  Matira,  Naomi,  Nerida,  Paloma,  Penelope,  Playa Grande,  Ravensmoor,  Riley,  Saya,  Sonora,  Sussex,  Table Top,  Taylor,  Tresco,  Utila,  Vizcaya



Product Details  -

Code: FB1-639
Size: 54"
Binder Collections: Amara, Aoki, Azul, Banks, Bimini, Blake, Castaway, Clementine, Decorative Pillows, Edith, Magnolia, Malia, Naomi, Nerida, Paloma, Penelope, Ravensmoor, Saya, Sussex, Taylor, Tresco, Vizcaya
Online Collections: Acantha, Azores, Beru, Brahea, Briana, Dexter, Dia, Elliott, Elya, Gondry, Gwen, Inigo, Jardine, Leighton, Matira, Riley, Sonora, Utila
Vertical Repeat : 0 in
Horizontal Repeat : 0 in
Content : 100% Cotton
Product Care : WS
Direction : Nondirectional
Rub Result : Heavy
Flame Resistance : Not Resistant
Finish : Printed
Fabric Substitutions and Consistency: On the rare occasion that original fabric or trimming is no longer available, we may substitute similar material. You will find the most up-to-date product information here on our website. Please note that due to the nature of many textiles, fabrics may have slight variation in texture and color.

Fabric Scale

32" x 21"
54" x 36"
Close Up


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