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    With Halo, glam doesn’ t have to be complicated. Its shiny velvet textures, metallic woven patterns, and faux fur embellishments create an air of effortless extravagance in a pristine color palette. Poised yet playful, Halo adds a touch of romance to any space.

    Complete the look with the Milan Tufted bed  upholstered with Ledger White fabric.

    Luxury Bedding

    Halo Bedset
    Retail: $1,515 - $3,045
    Halo Champagne Duvet Cover
    Duvet Cover & Comforter
    Retail: $645 - $1,635
    Edris Ivory Bed Skirt
    Bed Skirt
    Retail: $330 - $405

    Bed Pillows

    Cordova Taupe Euro Sham
    Euro Sham
    EUS-404 27X27X3
    Retail: $240
    Velda Snow King Sham
    King Sham
    KSH-404 21X37
    Retail: $270
    Velda Snow Standard Sham
    Standard Sham
    STN-404 20X27
    Retail: $195
    Edris Ivory Bolster
    BOL-404 15X26
    Retail: $210

    Decorative Pillows

    Jadis Snow Knife Edge
    HLO-01 27X27
    Retail: $144
    Edris Ivory WITH border
    HLO-02 20X20
    Retail: $156
    Halo Champagne WITH flange
    HLO-03 24X24
    Retail: $150
    Cordova Taupe WITH beaded trim
    HLO-04 15X26
    Retail: $186
    Halo Champagne WITH trellis design
    HLO-05 20X20
    Retail: $147
    Cordova Taupe insert
    HLO-06 15X26
    Retail: $108
    Edris Ivory WITH ribbon design
    HLO-07 22X22
    Retail: $276
    Jadis Snow Knife Edge
    HLO-08 20X20
    Retail: $108
    Cordova Taupe WITH beaded trim
    HLO-09 22X22
    Retail: $375
    Halo Champagne WITH cuff
    HLO-10 13X22
    Retail: $117
    HLO-11 20X20
    Retail: $207
    HLO-12 18X18
    Retail: $141


    Cordova Taupe Curtain Panel
    Retail: $426 - $891
    Halo Champagne Curtain Panel
    Retail: $501 - $1,035

    Ottoman & Footstool

    Jadis Snow Shoe Storage Ottoman
    OTD-404 20"DX21.5"H
    Retail: $1,065


    Nailhead Brushed Gold
    NHF-BG 7/16"
    Retail: $3
    Border Halo
    PBD134 1 1/2"
    Retail: $15
    Beaded Trim Halo
    PBE052 1"
    Retail: $129
    Ribbon Halo
    PRB164 3/4"
    Retail: $15


    Edris Ivory
    Edris Ivory
    FB1-907 54"
    Retail: $60
    Jadis Snow
    Jadis Snow
    FB2-158 60"
    Retail: $132
    Halo Champagne
    Halo Champagne
    FB2-188 56"
    Retail: $120
    Velda Snow
    Velda Snow
    FB2-189 54"
    Retail: $162
    Cordova Taupe
    Cordova Taupe
    FB2-190 56"
    Retail: $102

    Sample Swatches

    Edris Ivory swatch mini
    J-FB1-907 3x2.5
    Retail: $2
    Halo Champagne swatch mini
    J-FB2-188 3x2.5
    Retail: $2
    Velda Snow swatch mini
    J-FB2-189 3x2.5
    Retail: $2
    Cordova Taupe swatch mini
    J-FB2-190 3x2.5
    Retail: $2
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