Snowflake Joy - ,


With the understated chic of its frosty palette and elegant design, Snowflake Joy stands out as a glamorous option in Christmas décor. Commemorate this joyous season with the festive simplicity of a snowy felt applique.

Code: ATE-326
Size: 13X22
Retail : $92
Order Swatches:
Front Fabric 1
Wonka Cream
Front Fabric 2
Freda Steel
Freda Steel
Back Fabric
Breeze Linen
Breeze Linen
   Cloud Faux Down
Hypoallergenic ultra-fine fiber fill that mimics the feel of down
   Plume Feather
Lofty 100% small feather fill for flawless karate-chop look
   Bliss Blend
Perfect mix of 50% small feather and 50% pure ultra-fine fiber fill for a great look and feel

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