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Spring 2020

Davis Fabrics: Autry White*, Crosby Charcoal, Davis
Trimmings: Gimp Davis
Eloise Fabrics: Flynn Pool, Yolo Ivory*, Eloise Ice, Hallie Opal
Trimmings: Lace Eloise*
Heston Fabrics: Adler Natural*, Breeze Kelly*, Strauss Denim*, Heston RR, Honeycomb Natural
Trimmings: Ribbon Cambium A
Vita Fabrics: Greer Linen*, Vita Indigo, Fleck Tangerine, Dalia Midnight
Trimmings: Border Vita

Fall 2019

Middleton Fabrics: Baldwin White*, Fullerton Spa, Jude Ivory*, Middleton
Palmer Fabrics: Autry White*, Loren, Palmer, Witcoff Black*
Truman Fabrics: Adler Natural*, Bozeman Charcoal*, Sashiko Mud, Truman Coin
Trimmings: Brush Finge Ceylon A

Fall 2018

Astaire Fabrics: Aurum Champagne*, Breeze Pearl*, Astaire, Breeze Sand*
Trimmings: SM Cord Bellagio

Spring 2018

Barrymore Fabrics: Avox Teal*, Baldwin White*, Barrymore
Trimmings: Border Barrymore*
Bayliss Fabrics: Eli Black, Bayliss, Haberdash Brick*, Haberdash Pearl*, Haberdash Pesto*
Jolie Fabrics: Haberdash Cinnamon*, Breeze Linen*, Breeze White*, Jolie, Cruise White
Trimmings: Cord Mackinaw B*
Lautner Fabrics: Adler Natural*, Fullerton Espresso*, Lautner, Mozelle Dusk RR

Fall 2017

McQueen Fabrics: Baldwin White*, McQueen, Lattice Gold, Mack Teal
Trimmings: Gimp McQueen
Norris Fabrics: Breeze Clay*, Breeze Pearl*, Norris, Crosby Charcoal*
Trimmings: Button Twain

Fall 2016

Dempsey Fabrics: Walsh Fog, Witcoff Taupe (Reversible)*, Witcoff Slate (Reversible)*, Dempsey Smoke
Hathaway Fabrics: Leon Chestnut*, Hathaway Bark RR, Haberdash Pearl*
Trimmings: Ribbon Cambium B (Brown)

Spring 2016

Reeves A Fabrics: Hewitt Sienna
Spade Fabrics: Alba, Kanzan Crimson, Spade Black, Witcoff Black*, Witcoff Ivory*
Walsh A Fabrics: Walsh Clay

Fall 2015

Gossling Fabrics: Autry White*, Crosby Champagne, Gossling
Trimmings: Ribbon Gossling*
Sedgewick Fabrics: Braxton Camel*, Credo, Haberdash Linen*, Leon Chestnut*, Sedgwick, Witcoff Slate*
Tonkin Fabrics: Gellar, Kenosha Java, Renae Breeze*, Tonkin Espresso*

Spring 2015

Shoreline Fabrics: Adler Natural*, Pinson Reef, Renae Breeze*, Shoreline Capri, Wilke Ocean
Trimmings: Border Adelaide A, Button Caicos*, Cord Waikiki*, Tassel Fringe Bonaire*
Estefan Fabrics: Avox Lime*, Baldwin White*, Estefan, Libra Natural
Trimmings: Beaded Trim Cayman*, Ribbon Abalone

Fall 2014

Penn Fabrics: Haberdash Linen*, Haberdash Pearl*, Penn, Tomlin
Walsh B Fabrics: Chambers Cream, Haberdash Cinnamon*, Vivo Bisque*, Witcoff Cafe*

Spring 2014

Keaton Fabrics: Beckham Butter, Eli White*, Haberdash Pesto*, Keaton
Trimmings: Gimp Vera*, Ribbon Nuvola F*
Reeves B Fabrics: Haberdash Brick*, Kim Toffee*, Reeves, Vivo Bisque*
Serena Fabrics: Aniston Leaf, Eli White*, Lenox Apple, Quarterback Fuchsia, Serena

Fall 2013

Palmer B Fabrics: Loren

Fall 2012

Mirren Fabrics: Eli White*, Mirren
* Indicates that fabric still is available and used in another current collection.

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