de Medici Cancellations

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Spring 2020

Mea Matelasse Fabrics: Mea White, Mea Aqua, Mea Sunshine, Mea Coral, Mea Meadow

Fall 2019

Deluca Toffee Fabrics: Deluca Toffee

Spring 2017

Brigitta Fabrics: Chiaro Classic Ivory*, Brigitta Topaz RR

Fall 2016

Nuvola Luxe Fabrics: Nuvola Luxe Shiraz, Nuvola Luxa Walnut, Nuvola Luxe Oliva, Nuvola Luxe Nectar
Nuvola Classic Fabrics: Nuvola Classic Shiraz, Nuvola Classic Walnut, Nuvola Classic Oliva, Nuvola Classic Nectar
Coperta Fabrics: Coperta Shiraz, Coperta Walnut, Coperta Oliva
Trentino Fabrics: Trentino Sable, Trentino Ecru, Trentino Fern, Trentino White
Isola Fabrics: Isola Sable, Isola Ecru, Isola Fern, Isola White
Millefleur Fabrics: Millefleur Sable, Millefleur Nectar, Millefleur Ecru
Henna Fabrics: Henna Sable, Henna Shiraz
Ornato Fabrics: Ornato Sable
Palazzo Fabrics: Palazzo Sable
Charmeuse White Fabrics: Glint White, Glint Bronze, Glint Mocha

Spring 2016

Charmeuse White Fabrics: Charmeuse White, Glint Snow

Spring 2014

Antonia Fabrics: Nuvola Luxe White*
Trimmings: Ribbon Nuvola J

Fall 2013

Charmeuse Ivory Fabrics: Charmeuse Ivory

Fall 2012

Jacqueline Fabrics: Jacqueline Bisque, Jacqueline Lake, Jacqueline Natural, Jacqueline Pear, Jacqueline Spa, Jacqueline White
* Indicates that fabric still is available and used in another current collection.

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Note that many of these collections and fabrics may still be available for a limited time. Call our Customer Service Department for inventory information at 800.397.4556
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