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Spring 2022

Ladue Fabrics: Herve Ink, Prive Tamarind, Dossier Indigo, Arpel Amber, Vinci Taupe, Pane Indigo
Trimmings: Handle Arthur*, Cord Newport*, Cord Ladue A, Cord Ladue B, Ribbon Arthur A*

Fall 2021

Indigo Fabrics: Baldwin White*, Breeze Sapphire*, Caravan Marine, Newton Denim*, Sula Cerulean, Sunda Indigo
Trimmings: Border Indigo, Cord Indigo*
Palm Canyon Fabrics: Belin Pebble (RR), Filly White*, Gilmer Brulee*, Kalahari Sand, Scarpa Sandstone*, Sinai Brown
Trimmings: Cord Sheffield, Gimp Shamwari A
Taffeta Skirts Fabrics: : Freda Chocolate*, Freda Ivory*, Freda Gold*, Freda Steel*
Velvet Skirts Fabrics: Jackson Brown*, Jackson Charcoal*, Jackson Gold*, Jackson Heather*, Jackson Ivory*, Jackson Mocha*, Jackson Ocean*, Jackson Sage*
Decorative Pillows Pillows: BB-BPQ-D01, BB-BPQ-D02, BB-BPK-D01, BB-BPK-D02, BB-DEC-13, BB-DEC-14, BB-DEC-66, BB-DEC-67, BB-DEC-68, BB-DEC-83, BB-DEC-84, BB-DEC-85, BB-DEC-86, BB-DEC-87, BB-DEC-89, BB-DEC-90, BB-DEC-93, BB-DEC-98, BB-DEC-100, BB-DEC-109, BB-DEC-114, BB-DEC-115, BB-DEC-117, BB-DEC-126, BB-DEC-134, BB-DEC-168, BB-DEC-200
Mattresses Carlyle Pillow Top, Madison Firm, Madison Pillow Top, Madison Plush

Spring 2021

Hudson Fabrics: Bach Foxhound, Dean Parchment*, Huntley Storm, Klein Bronze, Maligard Chocolate, Thompson Turquoise, Vivo Bisque*
Trimmings: Border Greek Key C (Brown)

Spring 2020

Charleston Fabrics: Breeze Shell*, Breeze Bisque*, Brooklyn Lapis*, Momboro Sand RR*, Cliffside Capri, Westleigh Lake RR
Trimmings: Cord Charleston*, Gimp Charleston
Ladera Fabrics: Greer Linen*, Ledger White*, Tierra Saffron, Saldana Spice, Diaz Autumn, Plush Dove
Trimmings: Border Ladera A, Border Ladera B, Cord Marseille*, Cord Ladera

Fall 2019

Bel Air Fabrics: Breeze Bisque*, Breeze Indigo*, Breeze Mint*, Breeze Shell*, Breeze Sky*
Landon Fabrics: Bynum Smoke, Gilmer Brulee, Gilmer Charcoal, Gunnar Grey RR, Summit Gravel, Summit Sand
Trimmings: Nailhead Antique Brass*, Nailhead Brushed Nickle*, Brush Fringe Landon A (Beige)*, Brush Fringe Landon B (Charcoal)
Naples Fabrics: Caswell Cloud, Filly White*, Kittery Dusk, Lineate White, Ludlow Slate, Wicklow Heather*,
Trimmings: Ribbon Naples*

Fall 2018

Palm Beach Fabrics: Filly White*, Mancini Sapphire, Terrace Sky, Piperton Marine RR, Bradenton Bay RR, Flynn Pool*
Trimmings:Border Barrymore*, Beaded Trim Palm Beach

Spring 2018

Coconut Grove Fabrics: Baldwin White*, Hillary Melon, Tulla Canary, Rae Fiesta, Fullerton Parrot
Trimmings:Gimp Coconut Grove*, Ball Trim Coconut Grove, Gimp Bradshaw*
Stewart Fabrics: Braxton Camel RR, Witcoff Red, Carmella Rouge, Elton Navy, Bach Rubiat*
Trimmings: Cord Stewart, Ribbon Stewart, Gimp Gabrielle B

Spring 2017

Meadowwood Fabrics: Calappa Beach*, Ashland Pear RR, Filly White*, Freemont Spa, James Mint
Trimmings:Beaded Trim Caymen*, Brush Fringe Ceylon A (Ivory)*, Gimp Verde A

Fall 2016

Provence Fabrics: Adler Natural, Breeze Tangerine*, Ventura Pool, Brooklyn Azure, Bret Capri
Trimmings: Gimp Bradshaw*
Bungalow Fabrics: Adler Natural, Kira Bouquet, Spectrum Sorbet RR, Fiore Ocean, Margo Poppy RR
Trimmings: Border Greek Key F (Pewter), Ball Trim Corinne

Spring 2016

Sag Harbor Fabrics: Calappa Beach, Filly White*, Garrison Storm, Pinamar Marine, Waikiki Sky
Trimmings: Beaded Trim Cayman*

Fall 2015

Serengeti Fabrics: Marcel Parchment, Nadine Sand, Parrish Bisque, Rustique Wheat
Trimmings: Gimp Avila*
Westlake Fabrics: Avox Lime, Greer Linen*, Lynn Moss, Malina Forest, Sabine Garden
Trimmings: Border Westlake A, Border Westlake B, Ribbon Amelie A, Ribbon Evelyn A*, Ribbon Westlake

Spring 2015

Marrakesh Fabrics: Castiloga Spice, Filly Straw, Haberdash Chili*, Lorne Cocoa*, Marny Teal, Raymond Truffle
Trimmings: Fringe Marrakesh, Ribbon Marrakesh
Marseille Fabrics: Dorian Brick*, Grenadine Ruby, Lamson Red, Rhumba Rust, Tabby Copper, Walden Ochre*
Trimmings: Cord Marseille*

Fall 2014

Raja Fabrics: Filly Stone*, Gabanna Cayenne, Lucerne Spice*, Otis Vintage*, Russo Paprika, Vivo Bisque*
Trimmings: Ball Trim Minori, Cord Reagan, Ribbon Cambium B, Ribbon Nuvola E*, Ribbon Portofino E*
Somerset Fabrics: Bowen Brown*, Gardiner Berry, Heirloom Tobacco*, Heirloom Vanilla*, James Vanilla, Trinidad Clay
Trimmings: Cord Daphne*, Ribbon Cambium B*, Ribbon Evelyn A*

Spring 2014

Clayton Fabrics: Filly Straw, Jackson Brown*, Jackson Sage*, Midtown Basil, Osprey Java, Whittington Cocoa
Trimmings: Beaded Trim Tahiti B*
Del Mar Fabrics: Allagash Ink, Bach Admiral*, Casco Lake, Greer Linen*, Hanover Indigo, Henley Cloud
Trimmings: Cord Waikiki*, Ribbon Aileen A*
Hyland Park Fabrics: Bach Blackhawk*, Concord Shadow*, Freda Gold*, Irvine Gold, Jackson Gold*, Pomona Onyx
Trimmings: Cord Langdon*, Small Cord Langdon*
* Indicates that fabric still is available and used in another current collection.

Please update your sales materials by removing cancelled collections and fabrics from your Deluxe Binder and/or Swatch Rings.

Note that many of these collections and fabrics may still be available for a limited time. Call our Customer Service Department for inventory information at 800.397.4556

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