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DeMedici's Luxe Down and Premier Down fill is a FTC regulation-guaranteed hypo-allergenic. The down and feathers go through a program of multiple washes and sterilization treatments in Eastern Accents' ULTRACLEAN process. This uses 20 gallons of water per pound, which is recycled at a state of the art facility and returned to the cleaning processing plant right here in the Mid-west.


Fill power signifies the number of cubic inches filled by one ounce of down. The higher the number, the more warmth and loft. DeMedici have carefully chosen two lofty down fills that we believe represent the best options for our fans; Luxe Down in 650 fill power and Premier Down with an impressive 720 fill power. To assure that the fill power meets our rigorous standards, we use independent laboratories to test our down.


DeMedici only uses the finest materials to fill its comforters and pillows. Premium quality is our first priority, whether it's natural down or synthetic. Down is the most efficient natural insulator in the world and can be found on the under belly of waterfowl. The domestically grown, Pure White Down used in our bedding basics contains light fluffy three-dimensional clusters that allows for warmth and comfort. For the sleeper who prefers man-made fibers we have developed a fill that imitates the loft and lightness of down. DeMedici's Faux Down is an ultra-fine microfiber that mimics down's softness and resiliency offering a luxurious, water-resistant alternative with a completely hypo-allergenic assurance.


For maximum loft and to keep the fill from shifting, deMedici's comforters are hand crafted with baffled box design. The three-dimensional boxes have walls sewn inside the comforter providing depth and even distribution of the fill. To enhance its durability we finish our comforters and pillows with fabric piping using double-needle stitching. Our comforters have corner loops that simplify the process of attaching it to a duvet cover and guarantees that the comforter stays in place.


It is only at deMedici's Bedding Basics where you will find a comforter that perfectly fits in one of our duvet covers. Whether you are the owner of a duvet cover from deMedici, Eastern Accents, Niche, or any of our other brands, deMedici's comforters guarantees an ultimate fit.


We love fabrics. So it was hard to narrow down the selections when developing deMedici's bedding basics.


Many judge the quality of fabric purely by its thread count which is the number of threads per square inch. DeMedici's down-proof fabrics range between 230 to 440 thread count but more importantly, the long-staple yarn results in high quality textiles that are strong yet light in weight.


From Silky Sateen to Crisp Cambric we have something to keep every sleeper comfortable. Cambric, or batiste, is a lightweight plain weave claimed to be one of the finest and most dense kinds of fabric available. It's crisp and smooth surface gives a beautiful finish to our Celesta and Loure collections. Sateen is a fabric with a characteristically silky surface and high luster due to the high number of floats produced through the satin weave structure. The sheen and softer feel of sateen can be found in deMedici's Rhapsody and Concerto collections.

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