Care Information

Caring for Your Studio 773 Pillows

Studio 773 Pillows will last for years if they are well cared for. Please ensure a long and happy life for your Studio 773 pillows by taking extra care when cleaning them.

We strongly recommend professional cleaning of our pillows due to varying fabric and trimming contents. In particular, the fine details of our hand-painted and embroidered pillows are subject to damage during laundering; a professional cleaner will be able to minimize the risk of damage.

Our Outdoor Living pillows are designed to be sturdy enough for outdoor use; their paints and fabrics are lightfast and water resistant. However, we recommend you leave these pillows to be cleaned professionally.

We do not advise that these pillows be washed at home. Again, professional cleaning is recommended for all finished pillows.

Caring for Your Pillow Insert

If soiled or stained, Coud Faux Down Inserts can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap. For the cleaning of inserts, we recommend laundering rather than dry cleaning. You may wash your insert in a front-loading, extra-capacity washer (the kind used by professional laundries) using a mild detergent in cold water. Tumble dry in a dryer set on low heat. Remove every hour and fluff. Placing a few tennis balls in the dryer will facilitate the drying. Do not over dry, and remove promptly from dryer to prevent excessive wrinkling.

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