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    Egyptian Cotton: Egyptian cotton is a fine, lustrous, long-staple cotton that produces a soft, high-quality fabric.

    Embroidery: Embroidery refers to the process in which threads are sewn on a fabric, creating a design.

    Gusset: A gusset refers to the depth of a mattress or fitted sheet.

    Hemstitch: A hemstitch is a stitch used to create a decorative, open weave pattern. A hemstitch is created by sewing along a line from which threads have been drawn out, gathering the cross threads into a series of small groups.

    Jacquard: Jacquard is a woven fabric, manufactured by using the Jacquard attachment on a loom. This attachment provides versatility in designs and permits individual control of each of the warp yarns. Brocade and damask are examples of jacquard woven fabrics.

    Percale: Percale is a fine, plain-woven cloth of closely set, combed and carded long-staple cotton. Percale produces very high-grade and fine-quality linen.

    Piece-Dyeing: Piece-dyeing is a process of dyeing fabric in the piece or bolt.

    Quilted: A quilted fabric features a construction in which a layer of down or fiberfill is placed between two layers of fabric, and held in place by stitching or sealing in a regular, consistent, all-over pattern.

    Sateen: Sateen is a fabric made from yarns such as cotton or other staple length fibers. The fabric has a soft, smooth hand and a subtle luster.

    Satin: Satin is a fabric with a characteristically smooth surface and high luster due to the high number of floats on the fabric. Constructed of mercerized cotton, satin is even stronger than plain cotton and has a greater affinity to dyes. Weft or filler satins are usually referred to as sateen.

    Shrinkage: Shrinkage is the contraction of a fiber, yarn, or fabric after washing and drying. Most products made of natural fibers have a tendency to shrink 4-6%.

    Thread Count: Thread count is the number of yarns per square inch in a woven fabric.

    Yarn-Dyeing: Yarn-dyeing refers to fabric made from yarn dyed before weaving.
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