Known for his creatively curated vision of urban living, Thom designed this collection with a soft edginess ideal for the modern home. Beautiful prints are brought together harmoniously with this collection’ s chic saffron and gray color palette, adding depth and texture for inviting luxury.

Shown with Thom Filicia Marsden sheeting in Bisque and Thom Filicia coverlet in Xander Quarry.

Complete the look with the Milan bed upholstered with Essex White fabric.

Luxury Bedding

Bolina Saffron Duvet Cover
Duvet Cover & Comforter
Retail: $645 - $1,500
Essex Box Spring Cover
Box Spring Cover
Retail: $240 - $300

Bed Pillows

Veldman Mustard Euro Sham
Euro Sham
TF-EUS-13 27X27
Retail: $171
Bolina Saffron King Sham
King Sham
TF-KSH-13 21X37
Retail: $225
Bolina Saffron Standard Sham
Standard Sham
TF-STN-13 20X27
Retail: $162
Jude Ivory Boudoir
TF-BOL-13 15X26
Retail: $156

Decorative Pillows

Xander Quarry Extra Euro Sham
TF-EUX-14 24X24
Retail: $147
Veldman Mustard Square
TF-DEC-86 20X20
Retail: $111
Bolina Saffron Square
TF-DEC-85 20X20
Retail: $126


PRB123 1"
Retail: $6
PBT081 1"
Retail: $3


Jude Ivory
Jude Ivory
FB1-776 55"
Retail: $207
Essex White
Essex White
FB1-922 54"
Retail: $39
Veldman Mustard RR
Veldman Mustard Rr...
FB1-978 56"
Retail: $57
Bolina Saffron
Bolina Saffron
FB1-979 54"
Retail: $90
Xander Quarry
Xander Quarry
FB1-980 116"
Retail: $126

Sample Swatches

Jude Ivory swatch mini
J-FB1-776 3X2.5
Retail: $2
Essex White swatch mini
J-FB1-922 3x2.5
Retail: $2
Veldman Mustard swatch mini
J-FB1-978 3x2.5
Retail: $2
Bolina Saffron swatch mini
J-FB1-979 3x2.5
Retail: $2
Xander Quarry swatch mini
J-FB1-980 3x2.5
Retail: $2

Complete the Look

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