Channeling the coastal cool and crystal-clear beauty of the beachside, Alden revitalizes the senses in refreshing shades of pure white and indigo, while its luxurious details and lush textures add a modern edge. Pair it with nautical accents to complete the look or let it stand out against a pared-down, minimal palette.

Luxury Bedding

Suji Indigo Duvet Cover
Duvet Cover & Comforter
Retail: $570 - $1,335
Essex Box Spring Cover
Box Spring Cover
Retail: $240 - $300

Bed Pillows

Baste Denim Euro Sham
Euro Sham
TF-EUS-11 27X27
Retail: $228
Jude Ivory King Sham
King Sham
TF-KSH-11 21X37
Retail: $258
Jude Ivory Standard Sham
Standard Sham
TF-STN-11 20X27
Retail: $195
Treviso Denim Boudoir Sham
TF-BOL-11 15X26
Retail: $159

Decorative Pillows

Suji Indigo Extra Euro Sham
TF-EUX-11 24X24
Retail: $156
Baste Denim
TF-DEC-97 20X20
Retail: $168
Suji Indigo
TF-DEC-98 20X20
Retail: $126


PBT081 1"
Retail: $3


Treviso Denim
Treviso Denim
FB1-747 51"
Retail: $180
Jude Ivory
Jude Ivory
FB1-776 55"
Retail: $207
Essex White
Essex White
FB1-922 54"
Retail: $39
Suji Indigo
Suji Indigo
Yardage Not Available
Baste Denim RR
Baste Denim Rr
FB1-975 54"
Retail: $174

Sample Swatches

Treviso Denim swatch mini
J-FB1-747 3X2.5
Retail: $2
Jude Ivory swatch mini
J-FB1-776 3X2.5
Retail: $2
Essex White swatch mini
J-FB1-922 3x2.5
Retail: $2
Baste Denim swatch mini
J-FB1-975 3x2.5
Retail: $2

Complete the Look

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