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Chalet Alpine Home

Escape to your dream lodge retreat. The effortlessly handsome Chalet program comes in several warm colorways of deep maroons, browns, and faux leathers to reflect the sophistication of a toasty Alpine chalet. Its variety of options mean you can mix and match items and colors from across the program to create the perfect design. Take of your skis, light up the fire, and relax with this distinguished collection.

Duvet Cover - Choose a duvet

Coverlet - Choose a coverlet

Bed Skirt - Choose a skirt

Euro Sham - Choose a sham

Extra Euro Sham - Choose a sham

Standard/King Sham - Choose a sham

Duvet Covers & Comforters


Bed Skirts

Euro Shams

Bozeman Brown Euro Sham
EUS-361-D 27X27
Bozeman Russet Euro Sham
EUS-361-E 27X27
Bozeman Charcoal Euro Sham
EUS-361-F 27X27
Walden Tan Euro Sham
EUS-361-G 27X27
Walden Ochre Euro Sham
EUS-361-H 27X27
Walden Berry Euro Sham
EUS-361-I 27X27
Walden Bark Euro Sham
EUS-361-J 27X27
Douglas Camel Euro Sham
EUS-361-K 27X27
Douglas Paprika Euro Sham
EUS-361-L 27X27

Standard Shams

Donoghue Slate Standard Sham
STN-361-A 20X27
Donoghue Autumn Standard Sham
STN-361-B 20X27
Donoghue Brown Standard Sham
STN-361-C 20X27
Bozeman Brown Standard Sham
STN-361-D 20X27
Bozeman Russet Standard Sham
STN-361-E 20X27
Bozeman Charcoal Standard Sham
STN-361-F 20X27

King Shams

Donoghue Slate King Sham
KSH-361-A 21X37
Donoghue Autumn King Sham
KSH-361-B 21X37
Donoghue Brown King Sham
KSH-361-C 21X37
Bozeman Brown King Sham
KSH-361-D 21X37
Bozeman Russet King Sham
KSH-361-E 21X37
Bozeman Charcoal King Sham
KSH-361-F 21X37


PBR094 1 1/4"
Brush Fringe Chalet
PBR120 1 1/4"
PBT001 2"
Button Chalet
PBT100 7/8"
PCD138 1/16"
Cord Chalet A
PCD241 3/8"
Cord Chalet B
PCD244 3/8"
Ribbon Edith A
PRB136 7/8"
Ribbon Chalet A
PRB141 7/8"
Ribbon Chalet B
PRB142 7/8"
Ribbon Chalet C
PRB143 7/8"


Sample Swatches

J-FB1-464 3X2.5
Walden Ochre swatch mini
J-FB1-767 3x2.5
Donoghue Slate swatch mini
J-FB1-837 3x2.5
Donoghue Autumn swatch mini
J-FB1-838 3x2.5
Donoghue Brown swatch mini
J-FB1-839 3x2.5
Bozeman Brown swatch mini
J-FB1-840 3x2.5
Bozeman Russet swatch mini
J-FB1-841 3x2.5
Bozeman Charcoal swatch mini
J-FB1-842 3x2.5
Walden Tan swatch mini
J-FB1-843 3x2.5
Walden Berry swatch mini
J-FB1-844 3x2.5
Walden Bark swatch mini
J-FB1-845 3x2.5
Douglas Camel swatch mini
J-FB1-846 3x2.5
Douglas Paprika swatch mini
J-FB1-847 3x2.5
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