London Throws

Here at Studio 773, we have been to a lot of places, and our designers love to take inspiration from their travels. Despite all the variance in our experiences, we can all agree on one thing: we love London. So deciding to make that wonderful city the model for our new line of luxurious, washable cotton blend throws was not difficult. From the quiet sophistication of Regents Park to the urban vitality of Charing Cross, we have drawn from some of our favorite London spots. 


Baker Street
ATE-338 55X70
Retail: $165
Swiss Cottage
ATE-339 55X70
Retail: $165
Regents Park
ATE-340 55X70
Retail: $165
Earls Court
ATE-341 55X70
Retail: $165
Charing Cross
ATE-342 55X70
Retail: $165
Sloane Square
ATE-343 55X70
Retail: $165
Carry Strap
ATE-344 10X20
Retail: $30
Covent Garden
ATE-425 55X70
Retail: $165
Picadilly Circus
ATE-426 55X70
Retail: $165
Euston Square
ATE-427 55X70
Retail: $165
ATE-428 55X70
Retail: $165
ATE-613 55X70
Retail: $165
Dollis Hill
ATE-614 55X70
Retail: $165
ATE-615 55X70
Retail: $165
ATE-616 55X70
Retail: $165
Parsons Green
ATE-617 55X70
Retail: $165
ATE-618 55X70
Retail: $165
Nash Court
ATE-638 55X70
Retail: $165
Alba Place
ATE-639 55X70
Retail: $165
Galena Road
ATE-640 55X70
Retail: $165
Baldry Gardens
ATE-641 55X70
Retail: $165
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