Melon Ballin


Revel in the patriotic grandeur of Americana. Inspired by the quintessential American summer, Melon Ballin brings the charm of your favorite warm weather traditions to your home.

Pillow features:
  • Appliqué on burlap
  • Knife edge finishing
  • Zipper closure
  • Cloud Faux Down pillow insert
  • Made in the USA
  • Burlap is a coarse woven natural fabric, and as with all products made from natural materials, the imperfections and inconsistencies are normal and a distinct characteristic of burlap.
  • Dyed burlap is not colorfast like regular fabrics and may eventually fade and return to its original natural color, especially if exposed to the sun.
Code: ATE-359
Size: 13X22
Retail: $129
Back Fabric  Rustique Wheat
Pillow Insert :

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