Spring 2017 | Fall 2016 | Fall 2014

Spring 2017

Cassandra Fabrics: Madden Honey*, Cassandra, Ena Java RR*, Emmit Cocoa, Lucerne Gold*, Lucerne Spice*
Trimmings: Border Cassandra, Brush Fringe Cassandra*, Brooch Odette*, Button Odette*, Cord Cassandra*, Gimp Cassandra*, Tassel Cassandra*

Fall 2016

Unity Fabrics: Unity, Gaze Ruby, Dapple Gold*, Tortola Antique RR*, Madden Onyx*
Trimmings: Border Unity*, Brush Fringe Unity*, Button Unity A*, Button Unity B*, Cord Unity*, Gimp Unity*, Tassel Unity, Brooch Unity
Sonia Fabrics: Cohen Gold*, Madden Honey*, Ena Fawn RR*, Sonia RR, Lucerne Gold*
Trimmings: Button Joliet*, Gimp Sonia*, Cord Sonia*, Border Sonia*, Brooch Sonia, Tassel Sonia*, Buckle Sonia

Fall 2014

Cabrera Fabrics: Avril Sienna, Cabrera, Madden Spa, Mantle Lichen*, Ryan Lagoon, Santana Truffle
Trimmings: Ball Trim Michon*, Brooch Cabrera, Cord Foscari, Gimp Cadbury B, Ribbon Isla C*, Ribbon Roscoe B*, Tassel Cabrera
* Indicates that fabric still is available and used in another current collection.

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Note that many of these collections and fabrics may still be available for a limited time. Call our Customer Service Department for inventory information at 800.397.4556
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