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    Wakefield, England was a wealthy market town in the Industrial Revolution. The elegance and affluence of its goods and people inspired this bright, but poised collection. Its stunning golds and silvers are surrounded by geometric structure, creating a style that is traditional and fashionable.

    Shown with de’ Medici Gala sheeting in White with Dove decorative satin stitch and Eastern Accents Lucerne Solid Velvet throw in Ivory.

    Luxury Bedding

    Wakefield Bedset
    Retail: $1,785 - $3,870
    Wakefield Duvet Cover
    Duvet Cover & Comforter
    Retail: $900 - $2,175
    Mack Heather Bed Skirt
    Bed Skirt
    Retail: $345 - $465

    Bed Pillows

    Genevieve Citrine Euro Sham
    Euro Sham
    EUS-354 27X27
    Retail: $300
    Fairley Stone King Sham
    King Sham
    KSH-354 21X37
    Retail: $270
    Fairley Stone Standard Sham
    Standard Sham
    STN-354 20X27
    Retail: $225
    Lynette Storm Bolster
    BOL-354 9"DX32
    Retail: $315

    Decorative Pillows

    Wakefield Extra Euro Sham
    WAK-01 27X27
    Retail: $261
    Genevieve Citrine diagonal inserts
    WAK-02 15X26
    Retail: $156
    Reflection Taupe WITH ribbon
    WAK-03 24X24
    Retail: $297
    Fairley Stone WITH border
    WAK-04 16X22
    Retail: $114
    Lynette Storm WITH cord
    WAK-05 22X22
    Retail: $204
    Reflection Taupe insert
    WAK-06 16X22
    Retail: $237
    Genevieve Citrine mitered
    WAK-07 20X20
    Retail: $186
    Mack Heather WITH ribbon
    WAK-08 13X22
    Retail: $174
    Genevieve Citrine WITH border
    WAK-09 22X22
    Retail: $180
    Wakefield WITH flange
    WAK-10 15X18
    Retail: $201
    Wakefield WITH brush fringe
    WAK-11 20X20
    Retail: $210
    Fairley Stone boxed
    WAK-12 18X18X2
    Retail: $111


    Wakefield Curtain Panel
    Retail: $651 - $1,545
    Genevieve Citrine Curtain Panel
    Retail: $456 - $975

    Ottoman & Footstool

    Wakefield Round Ottoman
    OTD-354 31"DX19
    Retail: $948


    Border Wakefield
    PBD098 1 1/2"
    Retail: $24
    Brush Fringe Wakefield
    PBR119 1 1/2"
    Retail: $24
    PRB075 3/8"
    Retail: $18
    Ribbon Wakefield
    PRB140 5/8"
    Retail: $6
    PCD158 3/8"
    Retail: $24


    Reflection Taupe
    Reflection Taupe
    FB1-807 54"
    Retail: $96
    FB1-810 55"
    Retail: $159
    Fairley Stone
    Fairley Stone
    FB1-811 54"
    Retail: $96
    Genevieve Citrine
    Genevieve Citrine
    FB1-812 54"
    Retail: $114
    Lynette Storm RR
    Lynette Storm Rr
    FB1-813 50"
    Retail: $267
    Mack Heather
    Mack Heather
    FB1-814 54"
    Retail: $66

    Sample Swatches

    Reflection Taupe swatch mini
    J-FB1-807 3x2.5
    Retail: $2
    Wakefield swatch mini
    J-FB1-810 3x2.5
    Retail: $2
    Fairley Stone swatch mini
    J-FB1-811 3x2.5
    Retail: $2
    Genevieve Citrine swatch mini
    J-FB1-812 3x2.5
    Retail: $2
    Lynette Storm swatch mini
    J-FB1-813 3x2.5
    Retail: $2
    Mack Heather swatch mini
    J-FB1-814 3x2.5
    Retail: $2
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