Thom Filicia Throws

With a variety of styles, textures, and finishes, each of the plush throws from the Thom Filicia Home Collection offer a unique and easy way to add a bit of luxurious comfort to any room.


Strié Tangerine Throw
TF-THO-01 55X70
Retail: $189
Strié Sapphire Throw
TF-THO-02 55X70
Retail: $189
Strié Slate Throw
TF-THO-03 55X70
Retail: $189
Strié Wheat Throw
TF-THO-04 55X70
Retail: $189
Brera Bisque w/denim stitch
TF-THO-05 52X80
Retail: $252
Brera Bisque w/grey stitch
TF-THO-06 52X80
Retail: $252
Brera Bisque w/natural stitch
TF-THO-07 52X80
Retail: $252
Brera Bisque w/oak stitch
TF-THO-08 52X80
Retail: $252
Brera Bisque w/rust stitch
TF-THO-09 52X80
Retail: $252
Wolcott Forest
TF-THO-10 55X70
Retail: $189
Wolcott Heather
TF-THO-11 55X70
Retail: $189
Wolcott Sky
TF-THO-12 55X70
Retail: $189
Wolcott Smoke
TF-THO-13 55X70
Retail: $189
TF-THO-14 55X70
Retail: $189
Damien Fox Throw
TF-THO-15 53X80
Retail: $636
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