Stop the Presses! The talented pillow-crafters at Studio 773 have branched out into the cozy world of beautiful poufs - made out of some of our most popular fabrics. Why limit decorating to the sofa when you can open up the floors to more styling? Our versatile poufs take floor d├ęcor to a whole new level of chic. They are great as footrests, extra seating, or for setting down a small tray with snacks. Handcrafted in Chicago with love.

Harris Grapefruit pouf
Harris Grapefruit ...
ATE-890 24X24X12
Retail: $408
Harris Teal pouf
Harris Teal Pouf
ATE-891 24X24X12
Retail: $408
Ziggy Vine pouf
Ziggy Vine Pouf
ATE-892 24X24X12
Retail: $381
Amara Dove pouf
Amara Dove Pouf
ATE-893 24X24X12
Retail: $414
Blake Mineral pouf
Blake Mineral Pouf...
ATE-894 24X24X12
Retail: $474
Yolo Ivory pouf
Yolo Ivory Pouf
ATE-895 24X24X12
Retail: $474
Taylor Starburst Pouf
Taylor Starburst P...
ATE-896 24X24X12
Retail: $441
Bale Truffle pouf
Bale Truffle Pouf
ATE-897 24X24X12
Retail: $384
Hallie Opal pouf
Hallie Opal Pouf
ATE-898 24X24X12
Retail: $396
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