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    Get whisked away to a 19th-century aristocratic mansion with luxurious Arthur. Its handsome plaids create a tailored backdrop worthy of Savile Row’s bespoke suit makers while richly colored floral textiles recall sumptuous medallion-pattern rugs. Adorn the regal collection with lavish velvet pillows or cross-merchandise with the faux fur Mogli Minx throw for added texture.

    Shown with Eastern Accents Mogli Minx throw.

    Luxury Bedding

    Arthur Bedset
    Retail: $1,590 - $3,165
    Magnus Steel Duvet Cover
    Duvet Cover & Comforter
    Retail: $660 - $1,665
    Rosenthal Dusk Bed Skirt
    Bed Skirt
    Retail: $405 - $480

    Bed Pillows

    Arthur Ochre Euro Sham
    Euro Sham
    EUS-392 27X27
    Retail: $285
    Rosenthal Dusk King Sham Left
    King Sham
    KSL-392 21X37
    Retail: $255
    Rosenthal Dusk King Sham Right
    King Sham
    KSR-392 21X37
    Retail: $255
    Rosenthal Dusk Standard Sham Left
    Standard Sham
    STL-392 20X27
    Retail: $210
    Rosenthal Dusk Standard Sham Right
    Standard Sham
    STR-392 20X27
    Retail: $210
    Plush Navy Bolster
    BOL-392 15X26
    Retail: $165

    Decorative Pillows

    Magnus Steel w/sm welt
    ATR-01 27X27
    Retail: $168
    Arthur Ochre w/Rosenthal Dusk
    ATR-02 24X24
    Retail: $276
    Plush Navy w/mini flange
    ATR-03 22X22
    Retail: $162
    Rosenthal Dusk w/ribbons
    ATR-04 20X20
    Retail: $201
    Rosenthal Dusk w/vertical trims
    ATR-05 15X26
    Retail: $150
    Brigid Stone w/lace trim
    ATR-06 22X22
    Retail: $237
    Magnus Steel w/buckle
    ATR-07 13X22
    Retail: $159
    Arthur Ochre w/small welt
    ATR-08 22X22
    Retail: $180
    Plush Navy w/nailheads
    ATR-09 13X22
    Retail: $258
    Brigid Stone w/insert
    ATR-10 20X20
    Retail: $162
    Rosenthal Dusk w/monogram
    ATR-11 16X22
    Retail: $195
    Magnus Steel w/sm welt
    ATR-12 20X20
    Retail: $138


    Rosenthal Dusk Curtain Panel Left
    Retail: $444 - $825
    Rosenthal Dusk Curtain Panel Right
    Retail: $444 - $825
    Magnus Steel Curtain Panel
    Retail: $516 - $1,188

    Ottoman & Footstool

    Arthur Ochre Round Ottoman
    OTD-392 31"DX19
    Retail: $1,326

    Bed Scarves

    Arthur Ochre Bed Scarf
    Retail: $576 - $636


    Nailhead Brushed Gold
    NHF-BG 7/16"
    Retail: $3
    Button Arthur
    PBT108 1 1/8"
    Retail: $18
    Handle Arthur
    PBT109 6"
    Retail: $45
    Buckle Arthur
    PBT110 3 3/4"
    Retail: $21
    Cord Arthur
    PCD260 3/8"
    Retail: $21
    Lace Arthur A (Navy)
    PCD261 1/8"
    Retail: $3
    Lace Arthur B (Gray)
    PCD262 1/8"
    Retail: $3
    Lace Arthur C (Gold)
    PCD263 1/8"
    Retail: $3
    Gimp Arthur
    PGM247 3/4"
    Retail: $54
    Ribbon Arthur A
    PRB157 5/8"
    Retail: $9
    Ribbon Arthur B
    PRB158 1"
    Retail: $9


    Dorian Saddle
    Dorian Saddle
    FB1-848 54"
    Retail: $75
    Plush Navy
    Plush Navy
    FB1-930 54"
    Retail: $135
    Arthur Ochre
    Arthur Ochre
    FB2-107 55"
    Retail: $180
    Magnus Steel
    Magnus Steel
    FB2-108 54"
    Retail: $111
    Rosenthal Dusk
    Rosenthal Dusk
    FB2-109 54"
    Retail: $75
    Brigid Stone
    Brigid Stone
    FB2-110 54"
    Retail: $60

    Sample Swatches

    Dorian Saddle swatch mini
    J-FB1-848 3X2.5
    Retail: $2
    J-FB1-930 3X2.5
    Retail: $2
    Arthur Ochre swatch mini
    J-FB2-107 3x2.5
    Retail: $2
    Magnus Steel swatch mini
    J-FB2-108 3x2.5
    Retail: $2
    Rosenthal Dusk swatch mini
    J-FB2-109 3x2.5
    Retail: $2
    Brigid Stone swatch mini
    J-FB2-110 3x2.5
    Retail: $2
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