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Midnight Poppy

Midnight Poppy

With Midnight Poppy, Celerie Kemble has created a luxury look full of character and flowery flair. Tailored and feminine, this collection makes a big statement in tasteful monochromatic tones. Its large-scale floral print is playfully juxtaposed by stylised geometric motifs, creating a delicate yet carefully groomed aesthetic.

Fine Linen

Ona Charcoal Sheet Set
Sheet Set
Retail: $570 - $822
Ona Charcoal Flat Sheet
Flat Sheet
Retail: $288 - $357
Nuvola Classic White Fitted Sheet
Fitted Sheet
Retail: $177 - $231
Ona Charcoal Pillowcase
Retail: $105 - $117

Luxury Bedding

Midnight Poppy Duvet Cover
Duvet Cover & Comforter
Retail: $750 - $1,605
Midnight Poppy Skirt
Bed Skirt
Retail: $540 - $735

Bed Pillows

Midnight Poppy Euro Sham
Euro Sham
CK-EUS-02 27X27
Retail: $255
Midnight Poppy King Sham left
King Sham
CK-KSL-02 21X37
Retail: $330
Midnight Poppy King Sham right
King Sham
CK-KSR-02 21X37
Retail: $330
Midnight Poppy Standard Sham left
Standard Sham
CK-STL-02 20X27
Retail: $276
Midnight Poppy Standard Sham right
Standard Sham
CK-STR-02 20X27
Retail: $276
Midnight Poppy Dec Pillow A
CK-DPA-02 20X20
Retail: $156
Midnight Poppy Dec Pillow B
CK-DPB-02 12X18
Retail: $156

Decorative Pillows

Danes Stone WITH mini welt
CK-DEC-20 24X24
Retail: $165
Theo Truffle mitered & tufted
CK-DEC-21 20X20
Retail: $147
Poppy Smoke WITH flange
CK-DEC-22 22X22
Retail: $156

Table Round

Poppy Smoke Skirted Table Cloth
CK-ROA-02 30"DX30"H
Retail: $624


Frog Tie Midnight Poppy
PBT112 7"
Retail: $48
Cord Midnight Poppy
PCD272 1/4"
Retail: $24


Breeze Shell
FB1-602 54"
Retail: $72
Nellis Charcoal
Nellis Charcoal
FB2-207 55"
Retail: $54
Poppy Smoke
Poppy Smoke
FB2-234 54"
Retail: $81
Danes Stone
Danes Stone
FB2-235 50"
Retail: $147
Olin Taupe
Olin Taupe
FB2-236 54"
Retail: $69
Theo Truffle
Theo Truffle
FB2-237 54"
Retail: $69

Sample Swatches

J-FB1-602 3X2.5
Retail: $2
Nellis Charcoal swatch mini
J-FB2-207 3x2.5
Retail: $2
Poppy Smoke swatch mini
J-FB2-234 3x2.5
Retail: $2
Danes Stone swatch mini
J-FB2-235 3x2.5
Retail: $2
Olin Taupe swatch mini
J-FB2-236 3x2.5
Retail: $2
Theo Truffle swatch mini
J-FB2-237 3x2.5
Retail: $2
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