Coastal Tidings

Coastal Tidings

We at Studio 773 may be proud Chicagoans, but we can't deny the appeal of spending Christmas in the coastal sun. You get the best of both worlds when you combine carefree days by the beach with the charming mood of the winter season. And we know that our tropical friends would appreciate some quirky, Florida-inspired Christmas décor! 

Decorative Pillows

Wish List in a Bottle
ATE-370 13X22
Retail: $96
Festive Crab
ATE-371 18X18
Retail: $99
Sea La Vie
ATE-372 13X22
Retail: $96
Festive Shell
ATE-373 18X18
Retail: $99
Coastal Weaving
ATE-374 18X18
Retail: $102
Festive Seahorse
ATE-375 18X18
Retail: $99
Sea Life
ATE-376 20X20
Retail: $102
Warm Wishes
ATE-377 18X18
Retail: $108
Beach Holiday
ATE-378 18X18
Retail: $102
Coral Christmas
ATE-379 18X18
Retail: $171
Festive Star
ATE-380 18X18
Retail: $99
Festival of Lights
ATE-599 18X18
Retail: $99
Shalom Shell
ATE-600 18X18
Retail: $99
Happy Hanukkah
ATE-601 18X18
Retail: $99
Light the Menorah
ATE-602 18X18
Retail: $99

Tree Skirt

Treasure Coast
ATE-386 60"D
Retail: $198


Shelly Spa
ATE-381 20X12
Retail: $72
ATE-382 20X12
Retail: $72
Starry Spa
ATE-383 20X12
Retail: $72
Horsey Spa
ATE-384 20X12
Retail: $72
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