Seasonally Chic

Seasonally Chic

Who says your holiday décor can't be chic? Inspired by some of fashion's most brilliant stars, Seasonally Chic combines our love of all things haute couture with our favorite time of the year for a look that is anything but ordinary. Perfect for the most stylish fashionistas, this collection is guaranteed to bring trendy cheer to this season's holiday festivities.

Decorative Pillows

Lilly FraserFur
ATE-603 18X18
Retail: $117
Skate Spade
ATE-604 18X18
Retail: $147
Tory Perch
ATE-605 18X18
Retail: $108
Reindeer McQueen
ATE-606 13X22
Retail: $96
Juicy Candy
ATE-607 13X22
Retail: $102
Jack Frosters
ATE-608 13X22
Retail: $117
Hark Jacobs
ATE-609 22X22
Retail: $177

Tree Skirt

Trina Skirt
ATE-612 54"D
Retail: $147


Jimmy Shoe
ATE-610 20X12
Retail: $69
ATE-611 20X12
Retail: $69
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