La Maison

They say a person’s home is their castle – so why not fill your chateau with a little European flair? Whether you’re wishing a guest sweet dreams or adding a bit of joy to your aesthetic, sometimes French just says it best. Studio 773’s La Maison pillows are carefully block-printed by hand in the USA for a touch of Gallic country charm.

Decorative Pillows

Joie de vivre!
Joie De Vivre!
ATE-703 13X22
Retail: $105
Beaux Reves
Beaux Reves
ATE-704 13X22
Retail: $105
Tout est possible!
Tout Est Possible!...
ATE-705 13X22
Retail: $105
C'est la vie!
C'est La Vie!
ATE-706 13X22
Retail: $105
Raison d'etre!
Raison D'etre!
ATE-707 13X22
Retail: $105
Que sera sera!
Que Sera Sera!
ATE-708 13X22
Retail: $105
Fleur de lis
Fleur De Lis
ATE-709 20X20
Retail: $114
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