Be swept away by the luxurious stylings of Hyland, its silky ruching and opulent embellishments reminiscent of glittering ballrooms in grand country homes. With a lavish juxtaposition of damask, Greek-key and zebra print patterns in rich merlot and soft golden hues, this collection brings the extravagant aesthetic of Old World palaces to the modern day.

Luxury Bedding

Hyland Bedset
Retail: $2,952 - $3,912
Hyland Duvet Cover
Duvet Cover & Comforter
Retail: $1,275 - $2,040
Edris Gold Bed Skirt
Bed Skirt
Retail: $450 - $480

Bed Pillows

Peele Merlot Euro Sham
Euro Sham
EUS-400 27X27
Retail: $264
Edris Gold King Sham
King Sham
KSH-400 21X37
Retail: $309
Edris Gold Standard Sham
Standard Sham
STN-400 20X27
Retail: $246
Edris Cranberry Bolster
BOL-400 15X26
Retail: $207

Decorative Pillows

Lyman Gold w/brush fringe
HYL-01 24X24
Retail: $180
Peele Merlot bolster
HYL-02 9"DX24
Retail: $231
Peele Merlot w/gold cuff
HYL-03 20X20
Retail: $138
Peele Merlot w/ruched Edris
HYL-04 16X22
Retail: $231
Hyland w/brush fringe
HYL-05 20X20
Retail: $189
Peele Merlot w/Edris bow
HYL-06 15X18
Retail: $138
Peele Merlot w/border
HYL-07 22X22
Retail: $231
Edris Cranberry round tufted
HYL-08 14"D
Retail: $144

Ottoman & Footstool

Lyman Gold Round Ottomon
OTD-400 31"DX19
Retail: $966

Bed Scarves

Peele Merlot Bed Scarf
Retail: $396 - $435

Table Top

Lyman Gold Table Runner
Retail: $228 - $279


Border Hyland
PBD132 2 1/2"
Retail: $42
Beaded Trim Hyland
PBE050 2 3/8"
Retail: $78
Brush Fringe Hyland
PBR136 1 1/4"
Retail: $27
Cord Hyland A
PCD267 1/4"
Retail: $12
Cord Hyland B
PCD268 1/4"
Retail: $15
Fringe Hyland
PFR039 9"
Retail: $84
Gimp Hyland
PGM250 3/4"
Retail: $12
Tassel Hyland
PTA173 9"
Retail: $27


Edris Cranberry
Edris Cranberry
FB1-869 54"
Retail: $60
FB2-172 57"
Retail: $147
Lyman Gold
Lyman Gold
FB2-173 54"
Retail: $96
Peele Merlot RR
Peele Merlot Rr
FB2-174 54"
Retail: $96
Edris Gold
Edris Gold
FB2-175 54"
Retail: $60

Sample Swatches

Edris Cranberry swatch mini
J-FB1-869 3x2.5
Retail: $2
Hyland swatch mini
J-FB2-172 3x2.5
Retail: $2
Lyman Gold swatch mini
J-FB2-173 3x2.5
Retail: $2
Peele Merlot swatch mini
J-FB2-174 3x2.5
Retail: $2
Edris Gold swatch mini
J-FB2-175 3x2.5
Retail: $2
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